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Japanese Language Course:

Students can apply any time during the year. There is no application deadline for the Japanese Language Course. A member of HS Japan Academy Student Recruitment Team will assist you to complete your admission application. We aim to make your admissions process as simple and easy as possible. 

Students have to submit all necessary academic documents to our office or may email scanned copies of these to our mail. Students will be informed about their eligibility for being admitted once these documents have been scrutinized and evaluated.

Japanese Language School Admission (Japan):
Each Japanese Language School has their own atmosphere and course structure, so you need to find a school that fits your study style. At HS Japan Academy we work closely with all our partner schools to make sure that we find the right school for your based on your language level, study habits and which city you want to study in.

In Japan 4 intakes in a year for the Japanese Language School program. January, April, July and October. Deadline can be earlier or at a later time depends on when the school reached it maximum student limit. We always suggest applying early so you can secure a spot on your preferred school.

Technical Intern Visa Processing:
The purpose of the Japan training visa is to allow an applicant from any country to come to Japan under Technical Intern Training Program and train in an implementing organization in order to acquire technology, skills, and knowledge. Upon return from Japan, participants are expected to utilize their newly learned technology, skills, and knowledge in their home countries. Trainees are able to choose from 137 jobs in 77 categories. For example, agriculture, construction and machinery work, food processing, etc. 

We have vast connection with Japanese companies who needs technical intern. We process and give guidance who wants to get a technical intern visa in Japan.

Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program:
In order to work under a Specified Skilled Worker (i) status of residence, you need to pass a Japanese language test and a skills proficiency test. (You do not need to pass these tests if you have satisfactorily completed Technical Intern Training (ii). However, to work in a different field, you need to pass a skills proficiency test in the field in which you wish to work.) Afterward, if you sign a contract with a company, you can apply for your Specified Skilled Worker status of residence.

If you have special skilled and fulfil the requirements for a designated industry then we introduce you to your prospective employer in Japan.

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